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Small Kitchen Appliances

Everything in the kitchen can be done without appliances. After all, people were cooking and eating long before there was electricity in every home. But a whole lot of recipes are much easier and faster to make with the appropriate small kitchen appliances. Following are some of my most used kitchen power tools.

A Food Processor

food processor

The food processor is the most used small appliance in my kitchen.

A food processor makes it practical to quickly chop, puree, shred or slice large amounts of any food. The standard blade is the “S”, a two-level curved blade designed for quickly and evenly cutting large chunks of food into smaller chunks of food. Most food processors also include extra blades and adapters designed for shredding and slicing. A few include a dough hook for making batters and bread doughs.

I use my food processor for making mustard from whole seeds, horseradish and turmeric sauces from fresh roots, hummus, pestos, nut butters and much more. When cooking for more than 2-3 people, the food processor makes shredding cheese or cabbage and slicing carrots or beets much quicker and easier. These jobs can be done by hand with a knife or mortar & pestle, but it is not fun nor fast.

A larger bowl on the food processor allows larger batches to be made, increasing efficiency. This lets you give some to the neighbors, freeze some for the future and set a little aside in the refrigerator for tomorrow. Make sure a more powerful motor comes with the larger bowl to avoid overheating and/or burnout of the machine.

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