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john rivard

I am John Rivard. I like to think, I like to eat and I like to be healthy.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns, problems, corrections or additional information. Leave your comment or question on this page along with your e-mail address and I will reply privately. Comments left on this page will not be posted publicly on-line but will be routed directly to my personal e-mail account. I also welcome guest posts on suitable topics related to health and diet, including opposing viewpoints.

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    1. John Rivard Post author

      At this time I and not supplying any products. In my local area, ready-to-eat horseradish sauce is usually sold from a refrigerated case in the fish section of grocery stores. Fresh horseradish root is sold in the produce department and has recently become available at one of the large chain groceries.

  1. John Rivard Post author

    I use with wordpress. It is less than $10 per month and I have had no problems at all since starting this blog. I use a lot of photos but keep them to 1000 pixels wide and medium jpeg compression for the best combination of on-screen quality and small file size. Bluehost will also supply a domain name and registration as well as load the wordpress software for you. Hope this helps you.

    1. John Rivard Post author

      Candice, it is the same as the gluten-free banana bread recipe. Just substitute about 2 cups of shredded zucchini instead of the bananas and add a little more milk. The batter should be just too thick to pour easily. This recipe also works well using olive oil instead of melted butter and almond/coconut milk instead of cow’s milk.

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