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Roasted Garlic Mashed Boniato Recipe

roasted garlic mashed boniato

Make roasted garlic mashed boniato with this root vegetable made popular by Cuban immigrants.

About this recipe

Boniato has the texture of sweet potato with less sugar and milder flavor. This root vegetable is popular among Cuban immigrants but originated in South America. It is a versatile tuber rightly gaining popularity. Make boniato part of your healthy whole food diet with this delicious recipe.

Roasted garlic mashed boniato adds a new twist to a staple starch item. The boniato version is more flavorful than the usual red or russet potatoes used for a garlic mash. This recipe has lots of fiber for low glycemic index and plenty of anti-inflammatory vitamin-C for whole food health. This is one of the few vegetables I recommend peeling because of its tough and bitter skin.

roasted garlic mashed boniato recipe.

Peeled boniato for roasted garlic mashed boniato recipe.


1/2-3/4 pound Boniato                                                                      2 tablespoons grass fed Butter

3 tablespoons grass fed Heavy Cream                                             freshly grated Black Pepper and Sea Salt to taste

12-14 peeled cloves Garlic                                                                 2 teaspoons Olive Oil

roasted garlic mashed boniato recipe.

Roasted garlic


1. Place the garlic and olive oil in a heavy steel or cast iron skillet over low heat until well browned.

2. Peel the boniato, cut into 1/2-inch cubes, place into a sauce pan with enough water to cover and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to a simmer until the boniato is tender. Drain.

3. Place the drained boniato, the browned garlic and oil, the butter and the cream into the bowl of a stand mixer and use the paddle attachment to mash everything together well.

4. Salt and pepper to taste.

roasted garlic mashed boniato recipe.

Roasted garlic boniato mash as a side starch with roasted vegetable terrine and sauteed vegetables.

Recipe variations

This recipe can easily be made vegan. Eliminate the dairy by using coconut oil instead of butter and unsweetened almond milk to replace the cream. There is very little difference in flavor with these changes.

Roasted garlic mashed boniato is also very good with fresh herbs added. I like to use thyme or oregano for this recipe. Next time I make it I will try parsley. Sage is also a good compliment to the roasted garlic.

Make this a multi-root mash by adding parsnip and celeriac to the boniato. Add color with orange or purple sweet potatoes. Carrots and cauliflower are other possible vegetables to combine with the boniato.