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“Wild Fermentation” by Sandor Katz

wild fermentation book

“Wild Fermentation” is a very informative and entertaining read by Sandor Katz.

“Wild Fermentation” is the best book available about fermenting and culturing foods with wild yeast and bacteria. Author Sandor Katz is enthusiastic about fermentation and his passion for the subject is clear in the writing. “Wild Fermentation” was published by Chelsea Green Publishing in 2003 and is still considered the bible of fermentation. It is 187 pages of history, information, anecdotes, recipes and instructions covering all forms of fermenting.

Sandor Katz has written the most comprehensive book of fermenting foods to date. “Wild Fermentation” is the only book any home fermenter, beginner or advanced, will ever need. It should be the first book anyone interested in this ancient craft reads.

I remember being hesitant about starting my first batch of sauerkraut from an on-line recipe. Even though I had made my own sourdough bread starters for years, the worry about food poisoning from fermented vegetables held me back. “Wild Fermentation” gave me the confidence and inspiration to start a batch of kimchi before I finished the book.

Katz writes with a straight-forward enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject gained from years of practice. He has done extensive research into the history and practice of food fermentation. He has hands-on experience of the many different forms of fermentation with wild yeasts and bacteria. And he wants to spread the word far and wide.

The book begins with some history, nutritional information and general anecdotes about fermentation and the ease of the process. The following chapters specialize on vegetables, beans, dairy, bread, grains, wine, beer and vinegars. There is a very useful appendix and bibliography at the end as well as a thorough index. There are recipes for just about every fermented food I know about: sauerkraut, kimchi, sour beets, sour pickles, miso, tempeh, yogurt, sourdough bread, kombucha, ginger beer and many more.

If you are like I was, liking the idea of fermenting at home for the whole food health benefits but hesitant to actually try it, read this book. Sandor Katz will overcome your doubts and give you the confidence and knowledge you need to start fermenting successfully. And once you make your first batch of really great pickles or sauerkraut or kimchi(it will be the first one because it will be so much better than anything you can buy) you will never want to stop. Fermenting is easy and relatively fool-proof and offers too many health benefits not to do at home. “Wild Fermentation” is a great way to get started.

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