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Guest Post 3 – How Can Cities Fix Our Food System?

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Is it time to start thinking bigger here at ThinkEatBeHealthy? We live on a beautiful planet but to not keep going every day is to drown.

This is the third of four guest posts written for Michael Dahl of The subject is what cities could do to help residents get a more reliable and affordable supply of real, whole foods that would promote a healthier population and more productive citizens. This was a pure thought exercise for me and not a subject I usually write about here at ThinkEatBeHealthy. It was spurred by questions posed by Michael on DissidentPotato and in social media posts.

I wanted to address the issue because official involvement by city governments would greatly speed up the process of a better and healthier food supply. I usually think more along the lines of convincing one person at a time that health is important and achievable. This was a very interesting experience for me. It opened my eyes to many new possibilities for addressing the entire current health predicament in the country and world-wide.

A healthy whole food diet is the proven way to better health. How can our cities help people along the path towards whole food health? How can we increase the supply of food local food? What can we do to make people realize how important a good diet is to all parts of their lives? This guest post has some of the ideas I generated during my week-long brainstorming session to write the piece.

Please click the link below to read the entire post. I would also appreciate any additional ideas and follow-ups any of you might be willing to give to myself or to Michael. These are important issues affecting all of us and we need to start doing them something about them. Thanks for reading and thanks for your help.

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One thought on “Guest Post 3 – How Can Cities Fix Our Food System?

  1. Michael Dahl

    I see great promise in your proposal for schools to play a greater role. One of my Facebook friends mentioned a school district that replaced vending machines with offering of fresh fruit … donation welcomed. Great idea.