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The “Misto” Pump Sprayer Product Review

The Misto pump sprayer

The Misto pump sprayer takes up little room in the kitchen pantry, does many jobs well, and is ecologically friendly.

I have used Misto pump sprayers for many years now and find them indispensable in the kitchen, both at home and at work. They are reliable, refillable and greatly reduce the amount of oil used. Misto sprayers are also tough, standing up to years of knocks and falls onto hard floors from high shelves, denting and crumpling but continuing to do the job.

Originally I bought a Misto to eliminate the nasty carrier gasses used in all disposable cans of aerosol spray oil and also to reduce the physical waste of the empty cans. With a Misto sprayer, the same high quality oil can be used throughout the kitchen. When only a light coating of oil is needed, such as to coat a baking loaf pan or vegetable for roasting/grilling, a Misto is the perfect tool and saves a lot of oil.

the Misto pump sprayer

The top of the Misto pump sprayer act as the pump and the collar below the spray nozzle unscrews for refilling with your favorite oil.

The worst problem I encounter with Misto pump sprayers is clogging of the suction tube or spray nozzle. This is easily fixed with a soak in soapy water and a good rinse in clean water. Falls onto hard kitchen floors or outdoor patios might make them unable to stand upright but I have never had one break to the point of not being usable.

Misto sprayers are also a bargain. They cost barely more than two cans of aerosol spray oil. Having more than one Misto allows the use of multiple types of oils.

This is a product I highly recommend to everyone who cooks. Anyone wanting to reduce overall calories and particularly calories from fats and oils will love the Misto. It is just a great kitchen tool and hardly a day goes by that I don’t use it.