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Why All-Natural And Organic Fruits, Vegetables And Meats Should Form The Foundation Of A Healthy Whole Food Diet

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Naturally grown food, eaten complete with the skin whenever possible, should be the foundation of every healthy whole food diet.

Why buy all-natural and organic whole foods?

There are many reasons why all-natural and organic fruits, vegetables and meats should form the foundation of a healthy whole food diet. Eliminating pesticide, herbicide and other chemical residues from the diet is probably at the top of most folks’ list and is very important. Several other reasons to buy all-natural and organic whole foods also deserve consideration.

Eliminate artificial chemical residues and animal-waste pollution

All-natural and organic fruits, vegetables and meats should be grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. With longer term use and more studies, more and more side effects of artificial agricultural chemicals and coming to light. There has been suspicion for many years of a link between some of these chemicals and health problems such as asthma, allergies, weight gain and many others. A recent study has shown a connection between glyphosphate(RoundUp herbicide) and gluten intolerance.

None of the major commercial agricultural chemicals are part of the “natural” food chain or part of humanity’s natural diet. Most of these artificial chemicals are designed to be toxic to plants or insects and the “natural” conclusion is that they are also toxic to us. So lets all stop eating them!

All artificial chemicals also require energy, in the form of petroleum or coal fired electricity, to produce. Then they require more energy to distribute them to the mega-farms where they will be used. Even more petroleum is used to run the machinery, tractors and crop duster planes, to apply the chemicals. This excess energy usage is almost totally eliminated by switching to all-natural and/or organic farming methods.

Because animal manure is composted and recycled into crop production as natural fertilizer, pollution of surface and ground waters by runoff is greatly reduced or eliminated on all-natural and organic farms. This type of pollution is common near large commercial farming operations and leads to massive algae blooms and unsafe drinking water.

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Wild fish will always be a healthier menu choice than farm-raised fish.

All-natural and organic whole foods have higher nutritional content and more anti-inflammatory compounds

All-natural and organic farming methods build healthier soils that are sustainable. These soils make many more nutrients and minerals available to the crops than the sterile soils of large factory farms producing mono-crops year after year. Healthier soils produce more robust and healthier crops that contribute more nutrients to a healthy whole food diet.

Crops that must defend themselves from insects, molds and other attackers also produce more anti-inflammatory compounds. These phytonutrients are the plants’ defense and repair mechanisms. More anti-inflammatory compounds in the crops means more anti-inflammatory compounds in our diet where they play the same role for our health.

Pastured animals eating a natural diet naturally produce healthier meat, eggs and dairy than do commercial animals fed a grain diet. Pasture raised animals have a naturally healthy balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Pasture raised animals are much higher in vitamin A, the B-complex vitamins and vitamin E.

Wild-caught fish are naturally stronger, healthier and more nutritious than farm-raised fish. Wild fish has higher amounts of omerga-3 fatty acids than farmed fish. Wild fish also contains far fewer contaminants than farmed fish, contamination caused by the crowded conditions of commercial growing pens and by feed that often contains chicken feathers and feces and other animal feces.

All-natural and organic farming methods produce healthier soils and sustainable agriculture

Natural fertilizers such as composted animal feces and waste plant stalks put back the nutrients and minerals used by the growing plants and animals. Chicken scratching and cattle hooves churning the soil surface naturally aerates and mixes nutrients into the soil. Less deep tillage allows the soil to develop the same healthy, living underground environment as wild soils. Healthy, living soils hold more moisture, are more resistant to erosion and produce more crops than sterile factory-farm soils that must be continually renewed with chemical fertilizers and minerals to maintain productivity.

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Healthy crops start with healthy soils.

Make the easy choice

Make the easy choice and buy all-natural and organic fruits, vegetables and meats for your healthy whole food diet. It is the right choice for maximum health, providing more nutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds. It is the right choice for animal welfare as animals eating a natural diet are naturally healthier and more robust than animals forced to eat an artificial and unnatural diet of grain. It is the right choice for the environment, providing healthier soils, less energy use, true long term sustainability and no pollution.